How to save enough for a pension if you’re self-employed


ThinkAdvisor says that many self employed Americans are not saving enough for their retirement.

“Many freelancers and other self-employed Americans plan to continue working even after they retire — and many of them will have to because they’re not saving nearly enough to live on while retired, according to the findings of a new study recently released by the nonprofit Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies (TCRS).”

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The following article, while in the UK, offers excellent tips to boost your pension pot.

THREE in four self-employed workers think it’s important to save for retirement but half are unsure how they’ll do it. That’s the findings from new research published today by pension provider Nest, which looks at how the nearly 5 million people in self-employment can save for retirement. Half of self-employed workers are unsure how to start saving for a pension Credit: Getty – Contributor It found that one of […]