If You’re Saving More Money Due To Talks Of A Potential Recession, You Aren’t Alone


Depending on the news, or financial guru you are listening to, the US may be heading into a recession. Despite all the good news on companies moving back to the US, record low unemployment levels—there is ample talk of recession.

“No one truly knows what direction the economy will take in the future; however, there is an old adage that says those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it,” say Chen Liu

Whether we will actually have a recession this year, or not, no one can really be sure.  However, its always good to save, and to plan ahead.


Camilo Maldonado gives ways to plan—just in case.

Americans report saving money in anticipation of a recession. Put simply, Americans’ relationship with money is broken . It’s no secret that most Americans live paycheck to paycheck . That staggering statistic never ceases to sadden me. Unfortunately, widening income inequality is only worsening the problem. Over the past decade’s bull market, the unemployment rate has steadily dropped as the market has reached record highs. But if you ask most American’s, you’d find that […]