7 Money-Saving Tips That Actually Work


Saving money is something that we’ve learned we should do since elementary school. And It takes discipline.

For some, it’s easier said than done. For other’s they’ve either had it in the womb, or they developed it later in life.

Kailey Hagen, in Motley Fool, highlights seven money-saving tips that actually work.  If one is to retire with a healthy retirement fund—savings has to be in the mix. In this article, I’ve supplemented Hagen’s article with a cool video and podcast as a way to help motivate you to save. It’s a must!




Let’s be honest: Saving money isn’t much fun. But If we spent it all without care, we’d never reach long-term goals like buying a home or retiring . Like it or not, unless you win the lottery or inherit millions, you have to make saving a part of your life. Try a few of these tips to make it easier. 1. Automate your savings Saving can be difficult because you often think about what […]

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A little dated … but the following podcast has information that is just as relevant today …