Over a third of the Americans who get regular raises at work still don’t save for retirement


The discipline of saving is probably one of most difficult things to accomplish.

According to Kathleen Elkins, writing for CNBC, “Working Americans are still struggling when it comes to saving money for both their short-term and long-term goals: More than one in five (21 percent) don’t save any of their annual income.”

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Source: CNBC

Save When You Get a Raise

While 60% of working Americans have gotten a raise in the last year or so, some 40% of them still aren’t saving for retirement . That’s according to a recent survey by Insider and Morning Consult , which asked about 2,000 Americans about their financial health, debt, and earnings for its new series, ” The State of Our Money .” A surprising number of Americans have a retirement savings account but just don’t contribute […]


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Over a third of the Americans who get regular raises at work still don't save for retirement

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