7 ways minimalist living can help you save money


When I first adopted a minimalist lifestyle, my only goal was to clean out my closet and declutter my bedroom.

I had just graduated from college and landed my first full-time job. And with an adult job came the need for a new adult wardrobe.

I’d saved up some money specifically for this occasion, so fitting it into the budget wasn’t the issue. The problem was figuring out where to put my new clothes once I bought them.

My closet at the time was packed with shirts, dresses, and sweaters — most of which I never even wore. I was out of hangers, and each laundry day felt like a game of Tetris trying to arrange every piece perfectly in hopes that the door would eventually close.

I was somewhat of a hoarder when it came to clothes. Most of the T-shirts that used to crowd my drawers were from my middle school and high school track days. After years of fighting to tame my ever-growing wardrobe, it was time for a change.


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